22 December 2007

KAGA 2008 Announcement

Hi friends and KAGA participants,

First rule of this tournament is : DO NOT REPLY ALL in this email. If you do, that's one stroke penalty. Simply reply to me and cc to Billy is good and you're hitting the sweet spot.

The KAGA 2008 tee off at:

Date : 4 Jan 2008
Time : PM
Venue : Jurong Country Club
Format of play : Kulai format; modified stableford system

6 flights will be booked at JCC next Monday, which I assume there's no cancellation from you. But, if you really decided to miss all the funs and prizes for some compelling reasons. Pls tell me and Billy.

Meanwhile, stay tune on the tee off time, pairing mates, new rules........coming your way after the Christmas.

I will be calling some of you in the next few days to check on the confirmations, tasks distribution and would like to hear from you what are the contributions you'lll be generously giving out to create more funs and excitements into KAGA 2008.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jackson Tan
Mobile : 97865183