22 December 2006

KAGA 2007

KAGA 2007 was brought forward this year to Dec 22nd 2006 because majority of the players find it easy to goof off from work during the year end holiday season. The first flight was teed off at 1.00pm at Jurong Country Club despite some players had requested the game to be postponed due to excessive rainfall the last couple of days.

We have a total of 5 flights participated the event, this year players include some senior citizen and some “ang moh” friends. All players have successfully finished their 18th holes despite 3 intermittent rains during the game. Players were adjourned to the Chinese Restaurant for a full course dinner and prizes were given to different wins. This year 1st prize went to HH Lee based on the Kulai's "6 blind holes format". He will get to keep the silver plated trophy imported from Scotland until KAGA 2008.

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