07 February 2012

KAGA 2012


Venue: Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club
Date: 26th Jan 2012

Buaya List:
  1. John Toa
  2. Thomas Low
  3. Billy Lee
Nearest To Pin:

  • Christine Chia
  • Gwee Sin Siew 
  • Tan Wee Kiat
  • Roger Wong

2012 Organizing Committee:
  • Jimmy Liew "Lor Chu"
  • Billy Lee
  • George Ong
  • Jackson Tan
  • Adrian Ng
  • John Toa
  • Tan Wee Kiat, Ng Hung Huat and Wee Meng Geo

30 December 2010


Venue: Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club
Date: 30th Dec 2010

Aligator List:
#1 Jimmy Liew - 69
#2 Chan CW - 74
#3 Adrian Ng - 75
#4 Melvin Ho - 76
#5 Billy Lee - 77
#6 John Toa - 77
#7 George Ong - 77
#8 Janice - 78
#9 HH Lee - 79
#10 - Warren Loh - 79
Longest Drive Hole 7 - CS Lim - 272M
Nearest To Pin Hole 3 - Jimmy Liew - 3.83M
Nearest To Pin Hole 17 - Chan CW - 3.66M

2011 Organizing Committee:
- Billy Lee
- Jimmy Liew
Major Sponsors
- Lawrence Loh
- George Ong
- Adrian Ng

17 February 2010


Date: 8.20AM, Wednesday 17th Feb

Venue: Palm Resort – Allamanda Course

Lunch: Sunset Lounge(2nd Flr), Chinese New Year Lunch

Handicap: Systems 36 (we decide for you!)

Format: Kulai Stableford

Normal Stableford minus 3 “blind”(8,13,14) holes to be drawn after the game.

Mulligan: 1st Hole ONLY

Tee Box 10 – 8.31AM

1. Melvin Ho,

2. Adrian Ng,

3. CG Lee

4. Jimmy Lee

Tee Box 10 - 8.38AM

5 Billy Lee,

6 George Ong

7 Sam Cheah

8 Richard Oon

Tee Box 10 - 8.45AM

9 CS Lim,

10 Gwee SS,

11 Peng Hock

12 TS Han

Tee Box 1 – 8.39AM

13 Jackson Tan,

14 Jimmy Liew,

15 CP Lee

Tee Box 1 – 8.46AM

16 TG Ong,

17 SY Theng,

18 CS Chan


1st Prize Jimmy Liew - Callaway Driver (FT-i)& KAGA Cup

2nd Prize Adrian Ng - TaylorMade Putter (Daydona I)

3rd Prize - Gwee SS - Check-Go “G”(Sweet) Spot Finder

Best 1st 9 - Adrian Ng - 1 Doz Nike Ball

Best 2nd 9 - CH Chan - 1 Doz Nike Ball

Most Hardworking -Sam Cheah - Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet

Nearest To Pin (Hole 2)Jackson Tan - BMW Z8

Nearest To Pin (Hole 17)SY Theng - BMW Z8

Longest Drive (Hole 16)CP Lee - Ball Retriever

Door Gift: “Spot On” Cover

Lucky Draws:

Sponsorship from George, CS Chan & Melvin

2010 Organizing Committee:

T.S. Han Logistic and KAGA Cup

CS Lim Photographer

CS Chan Treasurer

Honorary Advisors(founders): Billy Lee and Jackson Tan

KAGA2010 In Action

Contributed by CS Lim

14 January 2009

KAGA2009 In Hibernation

KAGA2009 in hibernation until further notice!

Happy New Year!

04 January 2008

Group Photo

There were 24 players participated the KAGA2008 held at Jurong Country Club on January 4th 2008. Despite a few intermittent rains all 6 participated flights managed to complete their game successfully. This year champion trophy went to HH Lee base on KAGA Kulai Stableford(patent pending). It was also unanimously decided by the floor that HH Lee should continue polish the trophy and keep it for good since he had consecutively won the past two tours. In return, he will have to sponsor a new “crystal” type trophy for KAGA2009.

Kulai Stableford
1st - HH Lee
2nd - Warren Loh (actual Stableford champion)
3rd - Mrs Stacher

Longest Drive:
Melvin Ho

Closest to Pin:
Hole 4: Tan Swee Tian
Hole 6: HH Lee
Hole 14: Adrian Ng
Hole 17: Yau Tian Soon.

Ball Sweep:
1st Nine : Warren Loh
2nd Nine : Martin

Most Hardworking :
T.S. Han

The overwhelming response from the participants was deeply felt by Jackson and Billy and they had obliged to nominate themselves to be the "lifetime” organizer.

After the prize presentation, Hotel Katerina@Batu Pahat(BP) was pretty much the hot topic of the nite. Fellow Kulaian CS Lim indeed has to clarify a few times that BP is actually located more than an hour drive north-west of Kulai. Since there are so much interest centered on BP, perhaps CP Lee should organize a game @ Batu Pahat in the near future and book us into the RM800 suite at Katerina ( http://www.katerinahotel.com/index002.html )? ?

** CP Lee was late for the group photo session.

Flight 3B - 13.38pm Tee box 10

No Photo! - Photographer Sleeping

1 Roger Wong - 18
2 Warren Loh - 16
3 Sandy Tan - 15
4 TK Ng - 20

Flight 3A Tee Time 13.37 pm Tee Box 1

1. CP Lee - 14
2. HH Lee - 12
3. Mrs Stacher - 28
4. Martin Stacher - 18

Flight 2B Tee Time 13.30 pm Tee Box 10

1. Yau Tian Soon - 20
2. Sam Cheah - 18
3. CS Lim - 18
4. Andrew Peng - 18

Flight 2A Tee Time 13.29 pm Tee Box 1

1. Tan Swee Tian - 16
2. Theng SY - 24
3. CS Chan - 18
4. Melvin Ho - 18

Flight 1B - 13.22pm Tee box 10

1. Adrian Ng - 16
2. Jackson Tan - 12
3. Billy Lee - 7
4. TS Han - 24

Flight 1A Tee time 13.21pm Tee box 1

1. Keith Taylor - 10
2. Joe Taylor - 12
3. George Ong - 24
4. Raymond Loh - 13

03 January 2008

KAGA2008 - Players List

Hi friends and KAGA participants,

Here's the final call for KAGA 2008 , your flight is about to take off soon.

I look forward seeing you at around 12.15 pm tomorrow at JCC, and we'll have lots of funs together.

PlayerName H'cap Declared

Flight 1A - 13.21pm Tee box 1
1 Raymond Loh - 13
2 Keith Taylor - 12
3 Joe Taylor - 10
4 George Ong - 24

Flight 2A - 13.29pm Tee box 1
5 Tan Swee Tian - 16
6 Melvin Ho - 18
7 Theng SY - 24
8 CS Chan - 18

Flight 3A- 13.37pm Tee box 1
9 HH Lee - 12
10 CP Lee - 14
11 Martin Stacher - 16
12 Mrs Stacher - 26

Flight 1B - 13.22pm Tee box 10
13 Jackson Tan - 12
14 Billy Lee - 7
15 TS Han - 24
16 Adrian Ng - 16

Flight 2B - 13.30pm Tee box 10
17 Yau Tian Soon - 20
18 Sam Cheah - 18
19 Andrew Peng - 18
20 CS Lim - 18

Flight 3B - 13.38pm Tee box 10
21 Roger Wong - 18
22 Warren Loh - 16
23 Sandy Tan - 15
24 TK Ng - 20

Jackson Tan Billy Lee

22 December 2007

KAGA 2008 Announcement

Hi friends and KAGA participants,

First rule of this tournament is : DO NOT REPLY ALL in this email. If you do, that's one stroke penalty. Simply reply to me and cc to Billy is good and you're hitting the sweet spot.

The KAGA 2008 tee off at:

Date : 4 Jan 2008
Time : PM
Venue : Jurong Country Club
Format of play : Kulai format; modified stableford system

6 flights will be booked at JCC next Monday, which I assume there's no cancellation from you. But, if you really decided to miss all the funs and prizes for some compelling reasons. Pls tell me and Billy.

Meanwhile, stay tune on the tee off time, pairing mates, new rules........coming your way after the Christmas.

I will be calling some of you in the next few days to check on the confirmations, tasks distribution and would like to hear from you what are the contributions you'lll be generously giving out to create more funs and excitements into KAGA 2008.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jackson Tan
Mobile : 97865183

22 December 2006

KAGA 2007

KAGA 2007 was brought forward this year to Dec 22nd 2006 because majority of the players find it easy to goof off from work during the year end holiday season. The first flight was teed off at 1.00pm at Jurong Country Club despite some players had requested the game to be postponed due to excessive rainfall the last couple of days.

We have a total of 5 flights participated the event, this year players include some senior citizen and some “ang moh” friends. All players have successfully finished their 18th holes despite 3 intermittent rains during the game. Players were adjourned to the Chinese Restaurant for a full course dinner and prizes were given to different wins. This year 1st prize went to HH Lee based on the Kulai's "6 blind holes format". He will get to keep the silver plated trophy imported from Scotland until KAGA 2008.

KAGA2007 In Action


08 December 2006

KAGA 2007 Annoucement

From: Tan, Jackson HAPCO SFS Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006 10:22 AMTo: 'billylee'; Adrian Ng; Andrew Peng; Chan Cheong Seng; CheongPheng Lee (E-mail); ChinWah_CHAN@saaerospace.com; cslim@epepack.com.sg; derek@cosprinters.com.sg; F. A Mok; George Ong; KC Lim ; KK Chiew; Lee Cheong Pheng (E-mail); raymond Loh; Sytheng@Molex. Com; TS Han; Melvin Ho; chancw@stengg.comSubject: RE: KAGA 22nd Dec
Dear friends,

I have just checked the course venue and please to advise Jurong CC is at superb and prime condition after the renovation and all green refurbished. Therefore this year KAGA will remained at Jurong CC on Dec 22 afternoon followed by a dinner at the chinese restaurant.

For those who is still "procrastinating" and have not confirmed your participation, please note we have great prizes to be won including a Challenge Trophy, a silver plated trophy imported from Scotland (probably from the same vicinity at St Andrew !!) . See attached.

We already getting sponsorship on custom make "KAGA" Titleist Cap, Traveling golf bag covers, vintage red wines, Mou Tai (premium white wine reserved for Chinese communist party member), books on "quantum physics of golf ball", T-shirt, golf balls...........Hey ! It's Christmas time; a time for sharing and giving. Your gracious and benevolent gifts are most welcome.

Looking forward receiving your confirmation .

Jackson Tan

From: billylee [mailto:billylee@singnet.com.sg] Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 11:49 PMTo: Adrian Ng; Andrew Peng; Chan Cheong Seng; Chan Chin Wah; CheongPheng Lee (E-mail); ChinWah_CHAN@saaerospace.com; cslim@epepack.com.sg; derek@cosprinters.com.sg; F. A Mok; George Ong; Tan, Jackson HAPCO SFS; KC Lim ; KK Chiew; Lee Cheong Pheng (E-mail); raymond Loh; Sytheng@Molex. Com; TS Han; Melvin HoSubject: KAGA 22nd Dec
dear friends

1. Mok - please inform Bryan when he is back. His name is in at the moment. I leave the arrangement with Ivan to you.
2. Raymond - please inform the rest and give me those names that confirm coming. George is on already.
3. CP Lee - I heard HH Lee had confirmed. Please update him.
4. Adrian - Unfortunately we have confirmed the date to be 22nd Dec. I really wish you could change your flight coming back on the 21st. My apology on this. I take it that you are in for the time being.

This year, there will be a challenge trophy. Jackson is in charge of getting the trophy and everyone of us has to part with a portion of our bonus for this. Jackson has the previous trophy. Have no idea what to do with it. maybe we can auction it.

We need sponsors for the prices. I am going to bring 2 bottles of wine, either for novelty price and consumption at the dinner. KK is going to sponsors some T-shrits (if available). Jackson is getting KAGA cap. Whoever have some gifts that had gone to the wrong owner are to bring it out for novelty or top 10 prices. Appreciate if you could inform me quickly the gifts that you could provide.

I need everyone's honest handicap so that we can prepare the score card beforehand.

Mok: we have nominated you to be the official computing the final score. Kindly bring your PDA for this purpose. KC is suggesting we play the double Pirelli.. he will inform you separately the details of the format.

Note: Please do not reply to all. Only reply to Jackson and me and we will forward all informations to everyone when ready. hope to confirm the venue by this Thursday. bye

Billy Lee
Sefar Asia Pacific Co., Ltd

26 January 2006

KAGA 2006

The Kulai Ah Beng golfers met again on Wednesday, 25th January 2006 at the Jurong Country Club. Green speed is 8.526....very the fast. Fairway is superb and weather is sunny. 18 golfers, about half are from Kulai teed off at 1PM. We adjourned to JCC Ban Heng Restaurant for a get together dinner where awards were presented by organizers Billy and Jackson. This year our “marathon” man Jackson Tan (Chin Pin) went home with the KAGA2006 trophy. Wonder when he will stop winning. Biggest buaya went to KC Lim. I got a bottle of Australian vintage wine (hand carried back from the downunder according to the sponsor) that labeled most hardworking??? Non golfer… it’s a reward for “value for money played”, hit the most strokes! All of us left home by 9PM in time for the family, just like any other day of hard work at the office. Choon Siong has already started suggesting we make it a bi-annual event. He can’t wait to show off his new handicap ….. Til then perhaps KAGA2006.5

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17 January 2004

KAGA 2004

KAGA otherwise known as the Kulai Ah beng Golfers' Association tour started as an annual winding down golfing get together. It usually held the week before fellows class79 alumni heading back to their respective kampung for the Chinese New Year holiday. Even though the annual social golf event started many years back, the first recorded event was held on Saturday, 17th January 2004 at the Tanjung Puteri Golf Club in Johor Baru. The game was extended to class79 golfing buddies and friends from their respective business and social circle. Prizes were sought and contributed by fellow participants and scores were tabulated for varies expert plays e.g. most hardworking (most strokes); top “buaya”, etc. At the time of journaling this entry, I have no recollection of who had won what awards. Perhaps some one with photographic memory would like to share some light here. The best player goes home with a mini trophy and get to keep it until the next KAGA tour…

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